Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY Hazelnut Milk (or almond!)

Q: Why would you make your own hazlenut milk when you can buy it from the store in a box?
A: 1) It is less expensive. 2) It is easy! 3) Why pay for water, and for that matter, lug it home in the car and up the stairs! 4) You know EXACTLY what is in it! No perservatives or sugars or whathaveyous! 5) It is delicious and tastes fresher than from the box! 6) You get ground nuts out of the process as well! 7) To have your mom roll her eyes at you. 8) A great way to impress your vegan and lactose intolerant friends!

1 cup nuts
Soak overnight (or 8 hours) in a 1 quart jar of water.

-Drain the hazelnuts or almonds and put in a blender. (repeat: blender- the food processer is not better here.)
Add 4 cups of water to the blender.

-Blast away for several minutes depending on how effective your machine is! You are done when all chopped up small, and the liquid is milky looking.

-Set your nut milk bag , or cheesecloth set in a strainer over a bowl or pitcher. Pour it all into the bag, let the milk strain out and use your hands to squeeze the rest from the cloth.
-Keep the nut milk in a covered container for several days.
-Shake before using, It will keep for several days but does not keep as long as the store bought kind.

Keep the ground up nuts in the fridge to use for baking or cereal or a homemade face scrub!

*** if you usually buy the sweetened varieties: add a dried DATE or two to the soaking nuts. If you like vanilla: add vanilla! 
AND - in case you dont drink a TON of milk and dont want it to go bad, you can make a half batch: 1/2 cup of nuts to 2 cups water.

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