Friday, May 30, 2014

Rosé Spritz Cocktail

Rosé has been underrated wine for some time now, with sweet varieties giving it a bad rep. A good dry rose is a favorite of mine, refreshing, floating between red and white. But what do you do when you open a bottle, expecting a nice dry rosé and quelle horreur, cloying sweetness assaults the taste buds?! 

That happened to me the other day. I bought this nice rosé with a cool drawing of a goat on the label. And, surprise! Dessert like wine, just not my taste. I was determined to salvage the situation. 
A hefty squeeze of lime and bubbly seltzer fixed the problem! I suppose it is essentially a wine spritzer. Or a classy rosé cocktail! 

Rose Spritzer

6 ounces rosé (on the sweeter side!)
Juice from half a lime 
4 ounces seltzer water

Combine all three in a goblet, and garnish with a lime wedge. Makes 1 drink. 
This would be a nice easy punch if you have reason to whip up a bunch of it. 

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