Wednesday, June 11, 2014

French Rhubarb Cake for teatime

French Rhubarb Cake
A dear friend of mine had me over for tea and cake the other day. I arrived as she was testing the cake with a toothpick, her toddlers trying to get a  look at the goings on in the oven. It was tricky to tell when this cake is cooked because the rhubarb inside makes the toothpick never come out right, I'll tell you to judge by the firmness of the top of the cake and the toothpick will look like it has jam on it, not cake batter. In the debate no one was burnt. All smelled divine, patiently we waited for the cake to cool enough to turn out of its pan.

Ten, fifteen, forty minutes go by we forgot about cake and then when we thought about cake again it was ready. I fear we didn't leave her with many leftovers. We all had seconds. Before dinner!

I'll direct you to the recipe which she found here at MyKitchenInTheRockes. Its a good cake, I'll be making this sometime soon. If you have a chance to put some rhubarb in the freezer you could make this any time of year, and remember the taste oh the suns rays in June. 
French Rhubarb Cake

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