Monday, June 16, 2014

Ultimate Pizza Quest

900° The best pizza made at home
I have discovered the secret to utterly amazing perfect pizza at home.

It's in the heat. Obviously. But we solved it

My siblings and I got the pizza oven for our parents as a Christmas gift. It took months to hook up to the gas line (It seemed very simple however the plumber is full of drama.) It was the perfect gift to solve our parents quest for the "ultimate" pizza which had been an obsession all summer and fall.

There were pizza experiments where the oven was preheated for an hour before cooking. Where the stone was super preheated and then the pizza was broiled (that worked pretty good.) Variations on the gas grill.

It became a joke after pizza was tried in the BigGreenEgg (a sort of hot smoker) lots of thought was put into it by all. One was soggy and the next one looked good from the top, the bottom charred beyond what could be called food. It had become a 1/4 inch of solid carbon. Black and hard as a rock. The science behind that one still boggles us. There were lots of laughs, but a feeling that perfect pizza was out of reach. We feared it might get to the point of a big project building an outdoor oven.

Then I found this amazing machine. Pizzaria Pronto. It promised 900° and pizza cooked in 5 minutes. Did I mention it heats to the max temperature in 10 minutes. It seemed too good to be true, maybe it would be chintzy. Well its not. It is amazing. I promise I'm not working for this company, although I would be happy to, its an amazing oven.

I've made good pizza in my oven before, very good. But there is always some part not as good as the rest. Sometimes a soggy middle. An unlucky tough dried out crust. And it is impossible to get those black bubbles and well caramelized cheese which the pizza places have.

Usually I crank my oven to 500 degrees and a pizza takes about 15 minutes to cook.

This contraption cooks a pizza in 5 minutes. Perfectly. Im going to camp out next to it.

Ive even begun to fantasize about making sweet fruit dessert pizzas in there. What do you think?

This one was mushroom and onion on a thin tomato and pesto sauce with parmesan and a cheese which was between gruyere and cheddar.

You don't even have to cook the mushrooms before they go on the pizza. Ok, i'm done raving. The quest is over, we can stuff ourselves happily with pizza from the Pronto oven.

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