Sunday, July 20, 2014

Roasted radishes

Roasting vegetables brings out all the sweet sugars hiding inside, making taste buds happy.

Radishes are the same as any other root veggie, when faced with oil, salt and 350° heat for 25 minutes they succumb to caramelization. No matter how sharp and crunchy they start out!

Roasted radishes

The first time I remember having roasted radishes was only this past May. They were served as an appetizer at a friend's house. Salty, soft, caramelized. Nothing which I usually associate with radishes. 

Visiting the farmer's market last week, I stopped at Grant's Plants, which always has tender lettuces and is also known for his prize winning chickens and their delicious eggs. I was too late for the eggs, which had all been bought, but there were bucketloads of the most beautiful radishes! 

Presented like red and pink rubies. I came home with far more bunches than needed! 

The red round ones are wonderful but there is nothing quite as charming as a neat bunch of long French breakfast radishes. The pink and white variety sooks sort of like little mice with tails. I hear that in France they eat them by dipping in butter and sprinkled with salt. I have never seen anyone in France do this, perhaps they do it for breakfast when nobody is looking? 

Butter dipping isn't for me. I made a big crunchy fattoush salad with many of them. And the remainder I roasted next to some colorful carrots. Which is what I will look forward to doing with the bunches I hope to buy next week! 

The salt is a key element, use a good sea salt. I are some in a salad at lunchtime and for dinner I dipped them in hummus-so delicious! 

Roasted Radishes

1 bunch radishes, tops removed
sea salt
olive oil

Wash radishes well, there is often silt hiding in the green tops. Place clean and dried radishes into a roasting dish.

If you care to, line the dish with foil, so you don't have to wash it! If you are roasting many things at once you can make separate foil pens for each thing, in case they finish before one another, which is what I did. The cut carrots and radishes were done at the same time, for the record.

Drizzle generously with olive oil, so there are puddles in the pan. And sprinkle liberally with sea salt.

Shake it all about...hokey pokey the vegetables.

Cook in a 350° oven for 25 minutes.

When done
they will be
fork tender, wrinkled,
with crispy tails
and golden brown

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