Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Old Fashioned Morning: Attempted Fig Pancake, Recipe circa 1845

I love love love reading old cookbooks. Lets be honest they can be tricky to cook from. Sometimes they are recipes big enough to feed an entire boarding school or made all of butter and beef fat. And there are rarely enough green vegetables. But such fun all the same. I just bought this gorgeous reprint of Florence White's Good Things in England which aims to celebrate the history of British cooking. The real roots of British cooking are milk, butter and flour it seems. (read more of what I found in the book here). I had to give one a try. Considering the fridge was pretty bare and breakfast was wanted rapidly, from my limited options I tried this funny Apple Fraize or Froise. Its a pancake type of dish, see the process in photos below; simple enough with a messy outcome!

I followed the recipe, you can read it at top. From Good Things in England by Florence White. Using figs instead of apples. Since I had no apples. Also, I used part buttermilk, which wasn't right either. I am too independent. And I make do.
It wasnt bad, a rustic sort of stuffed pancake. I don't think ill make it again. But I might try, and if I do, I would use a small personal sized frying pan for each portion instead of one enormous 8 inch plate sized pancake. It did not stick but was unwieldy to flip and it might cook better (on medium low) if smaller.


  1. Wow, we started with the same line on the same day! Great blog, Addie--I'll be checking in constantly from now on, I'm sure!

  2. must have been something in the September air!


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