Friday, January 9, 2015

Global Meatballs - its here!

Hi friends, those of you who know me in person probably know this already, I wrote a cookbook! You probably don't know that you can buy it now! I am still wrapping my head around the the real-ness of it all. It was a big project which began about a year ago, to write a book about meatballs. All meatballs, all balls, all the way!

Most of my recipes are traditional meatballs from over 40 cultures and countries around the world. The few which are not historical meatballs are riffs of unique ingredients or other food traditions.

I know, MEATBALLS? You love meatballs,  you say? So do I! Everyone loves them, kids, old peeps, all of us in between, which is really the point of the book.

This is like a teaser, because I have to run to work now, but I promise I will post the first recipe tomorrow! I just HAD to share this news with you now!

in the meantime you can check out my Thai Yellow Curry Meatballs here at my publisher's blog.

And if you just NEED TO OWN IT NOW,  go here for all the links where you can buy my book!!!


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  1. Congratulation Addie! I can't wait to check all the recipes out--I seem to have developed an obsession with lamb meatballs lately.....


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