Sunday, March 10, 2013

Paleo here we go

On March 1st we went Paleo. It has been nine days of no dairy, grains, sugar or booze in the house.

Its not such a big deal, we already eat that way around here...mostly.
Except the occasional brownies, and cake and oatmeal. That has been the biggest loss. my perfect breakfast food. 

Why are we subscribing to this "crazy fad"? There is our wedding in three months, and it is a well known fact that everybody wants to look their best for their own wedding. Those pictures are around for-ever! So the paleo diet is a tool for us to be at our healthiest, especially after a cold winter where i didn't go to the gym enough.

I like the anti consumerist (no packaged foods) edge to the Paleo lifestyle. I like the extreme DIY projects (make your own everything, because it is more pure.)

Sometimes I do like the restrictions while cooking, call me loco if you will. I enjoy the challenge. In a way, setting limits makes cooking dinner more simple. Fewer possible ingredients means less choices to think about, people who know me well, you understand that one!

The wine is a whole other story, and I miss it. I do find that seltzer water and sour cherry juice sort-of approximates the flavor of wine during dinner. But don't get too excited - its tasty, but its not wine.

Most of the Paleo blogs out there are all about meat. This is not one of them. I am remaining vegetarian, and happily so. Local fish is usually OK in my book. But recently, I feel like if it had eyes and moved around, i just really don't want it.

So, what do you eat on the Paleo diet if you don't eat MEAT?
Easy! What all the silly meat-heads should be eating more of: VEGETABLES! and- fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs, lentils, soy and beans. As long as they are whole-foods, it is OK with me. So, that means avoid the soy-burgers and soy-sausage because it has a lot of mystery junk in it too. But tofu is good. and beans and lentils are good, they are whole foods, unadulterated, which grow in nature. (dark chocolate is a food group necessary for daily survival.)

You Paleo purists can scoff at me all you want.

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