Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkey, what happened that day. Not Quick or Easy, but still Fun!

Last I left you it was the early hours of Thanksgiving morning, when people go for Turkey Trots and road races. The 41 pound turkey was in the oven, we with fingers crossed. (Read here if you missed it.) We were soon distracted by the making of stuffing, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, potatoes and biscuits. The turkey continued to cook. Slowly.

Here we are in the midst of making 4 cups of dressing for these roasted brussels sprouts with walnuts and capers

The plan was to eat at 2:30.  My aunt had sworn the bird would take 7 long hours. We had planned to have it finish up around 1:30 so it could "rest".  
1:30- it was not close to done. 
2:00- it was not close to done.
3:00- it was still not done. 
3:05- My grandfather declared he was hungry and ready to eat. 
3:15- My sister brilliantly proposes that we invite people to sit, and serve the lasagna my mother-in-law made. The lasagna was a top notch first course. And bought us some time.
3:30- Not enough time. We propose some entertainment and when nobody steps up to the plate, we take turns sharing something we are thankful for this year. Aww, such nice feelings. 
3:45- Finally! Turkey reaches temperature.

3:47- Turkey is out of oven. Problem: we cannot remove it from the pan. The usual pair of long forks and spoons are not working. A third enormous spoon is added. Nope. The turkey has a beautiful crusty skin and everything is cracking it. 
3:50- We try pulling the turkey out. Nope. We try pulling the pan off the turkey. Nope. Can we turn it upsidown? Note: there are 7 brains around the bird working on this problem. It is snug in the pan.
4:00- What really happened will be know only to those who where there. It involved my awesome husband, some cross fit training, and two oven mitts (one of which did not survive).

Requisite photos were taken to show scale. The table ohhed and ahhed, unaware of the hilarity which had gone on in the kitchen.
The majestic bird was soon carved up and dismantled. Despite 10 hours in the oven, it was juicy, flavorful and by far the most delicious turkey anyone had eaten. 
True to Thanksgiving style, it was quickly overshadowed by biscuits and brussels sprouts that were the biggest favorite of the day. 

Stuffed to the gills, we mellowed over the dog show before tucking into pie. You would have thought nobody would have room for pie. But as always, they slowly disappeared over a few hours. Leaving some for breakfast, and another breakfast. Apple, mince, pumpkin and chocolate...50 shades of brown. 

(The darkest pies are the pumpkin, not chocolate, because the amount of dark black molasses in them.)

 It took 3 of us to pick the bird clean of meat for leftovers. All the bones went into a stock pot except these ones, which did not fit. Ive saved them for another time in the freezer. It went into the fridge to make stock on Saturday for soup. Here, I am quite proud to have broken down such an enormous bird...and all without ruining my rather new sweater dress which I didn't even bother to put an apron over. What a day.

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