Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving turkey

The turkey was slaughtered only Saturday. If you look in this picture, at the dark clump of pine trees on the right, just through there is where it happened. My aunt and uncle make turkey raising a yearly project, which in turn comes along with a turkey slaughter, which I choose not to attend. It involves rubber boots, feathers, death, and the freezing cold. No thanks. 

Due to this, and lots of love, we have a 41 pound bird. Yes, 41. Much of the hours between Saturday afternoon and Thursday morning were spent with turkey-anxiety. It induces nervous laughter and a number of arguments. Measurements were taken of the oven, the bird, all the pans we owned. 

None of these pans was large enough, so an awesome chef friend of mine pulled through with a deep rondo pan, which fits the bird with parts hanging off the sides. There a 1/2 inch of clearance above the turkey. And we dispensed with the oven rack all together, sacrificing a cookie rack to its probable demise at the bottom of the oven, holding up what is probably 50 pounds. Yes, we stuffed it. My aunt, who is well experienced in this area of giant birds said cook it at 350' for 7 (seven!) hours, and yes, stuff it. 

The event looks so far like an advertisement for Renolds Wrap. There is a foil "funnel pan liner" to catch juices from the parts hanging off the sides. There are foil "mittens" and a foil "breastplate" because at 7 350...hoping that breast meat stays juicy. 
It was brushed with melted butter. And if you would like to investigate the proper posture for putting a turkey into an oven, go to my twitter (@adiadi9) and check out the picture. Mostly pretend you are at the gym doing the most straight backed squat, also holding 50lb in front of you. It is impressive. And get ready to do it again when it is sizzling hot.

Wish us luck.

To be continued...Part 2.

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