Monday, March 4, 2013

Fennel and apple salad

I was inspired by the Fennel and Apple salad at Epicurious, mine is a little different, but it is hardly a recipe to begin with. 
Slice fennel root so very thin, thinner the better. 
Slice your apples after the fennel, and try to mimic the thinness. they will camouflage.
Salt and pepper.
lemon juice. I used Myer lemons, because I had them, it was awesome. 
Olive oil, to offset the lemon...because it is a salad. 
I found, mine was quite more tasty after sitting overnight covered in the fridge. And, it was good for 3 days. It made a refreshing crunchy side to lunch or dinner. Mine was way more fennel than apple, and when I was surprised by an apple slice in my bite, it was a very happy thing indeed. The fruit camouflages with the vegetable, and they make natural partners. 
You can feel equally self-righteously-healthy and satisfied by the gourmet pleasures of this dish. 

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